Simple Plan I Do Anything

16 Jul

Intro : x3

1st Verse

c g f f g c
Another day is going by iam thinking about you all the time,

g f f g c
Your out their and iam here waiting

g f f g c
and i wrote this letter in my head so many things were left unsaid
c g f f g c
Now your gone and i cant think straight

Pre chorus,

c g f
This could be the one last chance too make you understand (yeah)


c(strum twice quick) g f c g
Id do anything just too hold you in my arms
c g f c g
Try my best too laugh but somehow i cant put you in the past
(strum twice quick) g f c g
Id do anything just to fall asleep with you,
c g f g f (stop) f,g,c
Will you remeber me cause i know i wont forget you

Verse 2 (ame as first)

Together we,broke all th rules,
Dreaming of droping,out of school
and leave this place,and never come back
so now, maybe after all these years
if you missed me have no fear,
Ill be here ILL be waiting….

Pre chorus


Bridge (pluck)

c g f g
I close my eyes and all i see is you
c g f g f
I close my eyes i try too sleep i cant forget you
c g f g
Naa naa, Na na na, and id do anything for you
c g f
Naa naa, Na na na, naaaaaaaa…..

Chorus x2

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